Roll Fold a T-Shirt (Inspired by Military or Army Roll.

Do you want to save space at home or in luggage? Then this type of folding is for you. It is called the roll fold. It is inspired by the Military or Army roll, but not as strict.

Step 1 Flat Surface
Place your shirt on a smooth flat surface.

Step 2 Fold the Bottom
Fold the bottom of the shirt up about 4 inches.

Step 3 Fold the Sleeves
Fold the sleeves in to make a rectangle.

Step 4 Fold into Thirds
Fold the shirt from the sides. It doesn’t matter if the over lab as long as your rectangle is even.

Step 5 Roll the Shirt
You will roll the shirt going from the top to the bottom.

Step 6 Final Step Finish the Roll
You will now take the end of the shirt and wrap it around to make the shirt stay in place.

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